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Groups at Íontas

Read about the groups who use Íontas


Childcare at
Íontas Theatre

Iontas Childcare provides a non-profit childcare service for children from 3 months until 12 years. 


Our mission is to create a warm loving atmosphere, where properly trained staff, provide care and attention, structured opportunities for appropriate play and all the nurturing, encouragement and understanding children need to develop as happy little individuals. 


We want to facilitate you in any way we can and for this reason, we are open from 7.50am to 6 pm Monday to Friday. In order to provide the correct ratio of carers to children, we insist that pre-booking is essential.

Muckno Community 

"Muckno Community Services Limited" is a company limited by guarantee.  The company has developed in response to the needs expressed by the local community.  It is involved at this time in ongoing projects designed to train and employ people part time in a variety of educational, administrative, social, aesthetic, philanthropic and sporting services.  

The purpose of the group is to combine efficient delivery of its services with meaningful and fulfilling part time work experiences for participants.  In addition workers are afforded professional on-the-job and external training and development opportunities.

The values and standards of the group are demonstrated by their commitment to their objectives, which afford workers the dignity, rights and privileges of full time employees and by their expectations regarding the quality and quantity of the workers response.


Blayney Blades

Íontas Arts and Community Centre is home to many community groups including NCWNN Blayney Blades Women’s Group, which was established in 1995 to support women and their families. Since then, Blayney Blades have been responsible for empowering, encouraging and enabling women of all ages to return to education and access employment through our key areas of work as follows:

  • Training and development

  • Provision of information

  • Targeting new people in the area and non-Irish nationals

  • Networking and influencing policy

  • Supporting initiatives for young people

  • Counselling service


The Castleblayney Trust for Homeless, Needy and Unemployed began as a two person adhoc committee on October 7, 1987. Its purpose was to provide emergency accommodation for a homeless 76 year old asthmatic man and a more permanent home for a severely battered wife and her four young children.

At the time, there was already well established St Vincent de Paul Society and a Social Services Committee for the elderly. It soon became apparent that there were many and varied needs which were not being met by either body.

In 1993, it was decided to form a legally constituted Trust with seven Trustees form Business, Service and Voluntary Sectors. In 2000, the Trust was approved as a Social Housing group, and employed two full time workers with the aid of HSE funding of €72,000 per year

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