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About Íontas

Find out about us and our vision below


Our Íontas Theatre
Mission Statement 


Íontas Arts & Community Resource Centre is a one-stop-shop centre of excellence - accessible to all regardless of background, race, religion, gender and age.


The aim of Iontas is to provide, promote and foster the vision and space for initiative and innovation in personal and community development. This happens through all kinds of educational, creative and artistic endeavours.

Íontas offers the space to host a whole range of courses which benefit the individual both personally and socially, to ensure that no person need feel excluded and marginalized by society – every single person who steps through the door of this Íontas is made to feel important and special and everyone who works in this building strives to ensure that we have something to offer everyone.


Funding & Development at Íontas

This project was developed by Castleblayney Arts and Community Dev. Co. Ltd and funded by the people of Castleblayney, the Irish Government and the European Union Structural Funds under the National Development Plan 2000 - 2006.This project is supported by Border Action through EU Peace 11 Programme & part-financed by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan.

European Union Structural Funds, National Development Plan, Department of Arts, Sports & Tourism

Equal Opportunities Childcare Programme, ADM/CPA

International Fund For Ireland

Interreg, Co Monaghan Task Force, Monaghan County, Enterprise Board, North East Health Board, National Lottery

Dept of Social & Family Affairs

Dept of Health & Children, Ireland Fund, Dept of Community, Rural & Gaeltacht, Monaghan County Council

People in Need Trust

Local Community & Generous Benefactors

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Board Members

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Audited Accounts

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