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One Day

One Day

26 September 2019 8:00 pm

One Day
Occupy Galway, the Afghan War, Arsenal, and a house in Cork.

Starring Shane Connolly, Oneday is a look at a single day's news and a meditation on the link between power and knowledge. Probing and frenetic, the show examines our unraveling and chaotic relationship with social media, news outlets and the media in general. It is s a timely piece; a wake for our shared understanding of what's happening in the world today. 
Three years in the making, a director, an actor, and a drummer attempt to encapsulate a day that was reported in over 3 million articles worldwide. Can a performer, a drummer, and a writer return us to the reality that inspires the news or is this reality lost forever once an event has passed us by?
The show received four stars from the Irish Times, describing it as “an absorbing experiment, both arch and obsessional”. It was nominated for best performance and best production at Dublin Fringe where it was first staged in September 2019. The show is co-produced by Walsh’s longtime collaborators, Pan Pan Theatre.
Richard Walsh has been making theatre for over a decade. His work is principally interested in oral culture, speech patterns and performance. Walsh uses theatre to explore the complexity of ideology, and the points where ideology begins to crumble as a clearly defined entity.


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