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Magpies on the Pylon

Magpies on the Pylon

27 September 2018 8:00 pm

Magpies on the Pylon
Traveller Wagon Wheel Theatre Present

Magpies on the Pylon is set in a tiny bedroom belonging to Jim, a Traveller father who struggles to cope with the suicide of his 23-year-old son. After his son’s death, Jim has become isolated from other family members and is misusing alcohol.
The audience accompanies Jim on an emotional roller-coaster ride as he articulates loving memories of his son, his fears for the well-being of his other three children, the turmoil that has developed in his relationship with his wife, his anger at God, and his agonising questions about whether there was something he could have done to prevent his son’s death. This one-man play is written and performed by well-known actor and playwright Michael Collins.
“It’s a Cultural Thing or Is It” which he has spent the past 10 years performing in venues in Ireland and in the UK this play received a five-star review in the Irish Times when staged as part of the 2005 Dublin Fringe festival.
Mobile” Looks at the dilemma of a Traveller man who is matched off to fight another Traveller to settle a family dispute. The fellow who he is to fight is not only his cousin but they are also married to two sisters. The play explores some of the issue of internal fighting within the Traveller community through eyes of Peter one of the combatants who is faced with the dilemma ‘will I won’t I’ fight. Performed in Dublin, Cork, Belfast
“Worlds Apart Same Difference” had a successful run in the Project Arts Centre. It looked at intermarriage between a Traveller woman and a black man.

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