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Castleblayney Drama Festival - The Cowboys

Castleblayney Drama Festival - The Cowboys

08 March 2018 8:00 pm

Revenant Theatre Company present

The Cowboys by Peter Trant

Important: The theatre doors will close strictly at 8.00! 
Please be seated by 7.50.

The stage becomes a meat factory loading bay in a town somewhere along the border for this complex, darkly humorous tale of love, betrayal and revenge. After many years away, the protagonist, Bobby Courtney, returns to his hometown for this father's funeral. Old animosities between him and his nemesis, Johnny Murtagh, the Meat Factory Manager, bubble ominously to the surface. Two Meat Factory workers, Sonny and Phil, observe it all. 

Behind their banter, oblique clues hint at horrors past and to come. A sense of menace permeates the action right from the beginning and tension builds inexorably as the plot moves to its shocking climax. As in Hollywood's Old West, individuals survive on their wits and talents. Well, when the going gets tough, what's left for a man and his compadres to do but saddle up and get even? Looks like it's time for a showdown!

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